IALCCE conferentie (papers)

Als onderdeel van de kennisdeling en disseminatie brengen betrokken researchers met regelmaat een bezoek aan de conferenties die worden georganiseerd door IALCCE; International Association for Life-Cycle Civil Engineering.

Op de conferenties van 2018 en 2023 zijn twee papers gepresenteerd. We geven hier van beide de abstracts. De volledige papers (artikelen) kunt u opvragen vragen via de contactpagina.

IALCCE conferentie 2018

Considerations on the use of data to better predict long term replacement and renovation activities in transport infrastructure.Door: J.F.M. Wessels, H. van Meerveld, J. Bakker, K.E. Bektas

ABSTRACT: End of life of assets is an important issue as many structures are reaching the end of their design life time. Early indication of end of life is needed to be able to combine system redesign, land use redesign and renovation and replacement activities. Long term life time expectancy (more than 10 to 20 years) of specific objects is needed. This paper is about the search for long term end of life indicators, the data needed and the assessment of the asset port-folio in this respect. The paper is mainly meant to start the discussion on the topic and to present results of the first steps taken in the last year on the subject in the Netherlands.

IALCCE conferentie 2023

End-of-life rule checking for transport infrastructure: The case of navigation lockDoor: K.E. Bektas, I.E. Ozer

ABSTRACT: Determining the end-of-life of infrastructures is an important decision in the Netherlands, where the large stock of assets currently reaches their design life. The Dutch Road Authority has set up a research program to address this on a national level. Currently, there are various documents describing the rules of aging. Yet information specifications are not defined. This forces the experts to focus on technical aging only and consider structures that are aged/too expensive to maintain in later stages. Since the scoping and budget assignment is based on the earlier prognosis, the process becomes suboptimal. There is a need for a holistic approach to identify ageing rules for the assessment of different object types. This paper presents an information model for navigation locks as a first step of such approach. It declares information needed to check rules automatically via case studies and proposes utilization of a technology as a future step.

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